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Generally, spouses have to be separated for one year before a court will grant a divorce, but there are exceptions to this rule. Upon separation, there may be issues of a greater priority than obtaining a divorce such as agreeing to terms for custody and access or arranging child support. Whether you are just beginning the process of separation or have already reached an agreement with your spouse, we can provide you with advice and legal representation on obtaining a divorce.

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There are different types of agreements that are common in family law: cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts and separation agreements. Parties are usually unaware of their rights and obligations under such agreements and legal advice will provide clarity.

We provide advice throughout the negotiation process and draft an agreement for you. If you already have an agreement drafted and need independent legal advice, we can review the agreement.

Custody and Access

Custody disputes can be very emotional and frustrating for all parties involved. If you are having difficuty with custody or access issues, we can help. It may be possible to negotiate or mediate an agreement, or if court action is required, we can start an application. There is a lot of confusion about parents’ rights and obligations when it comes to custody and access so consulting a lawyer to help you through the process is essential. Even if both parties are on good terms, it is helpful to have the assistance of lawyers who can provide professional opinions.

Spousal Support

In order to make a claim for spousal support, you must be married, or have been married, cohabited togeher for a period of time or have a child together. If you fall into any of these categories and have questions about your entitlement to spousal support, please give our lawyers a call.

Child Support

Despite the fact that the Child Support Guidelines have made it easier for parents to determine what amount is payable for child support, issues still arise. Some of the common issues with respect to child support are enforcement of payments, additional payments for “extraordinary” expenses, split custody and shared custody. Whatever concern you have, our lawyers have the expertise to help you navigate your way to an agreement or a decision from the court.

Property Division

Property includes real estate, investments, bank accounts, pensions, furniture, vehicles etc. In some cases, certain items may also be excluded from division of property. Division of property at the end of a relationship can be a very overwhelming task. If you cohabited with someone or were married and have questions about how your property should be divided, our Ottawa family lawyers can help.

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