Amicable Divorce

If the separating spouses are being reasonable and are open to resolving the various legal issues surrounding the separation then they are in a very good position to resolve the matter much quicker and more cost effective than a contentious divorce.
In an amicable divorce, a lawyer will assist their client in identifying each of the issues that will need to be discussed and agreed to between the separating parties and the preparation of a Separation Agreement that clearly and concisely explains what the separating spouses are agreeing to.

There is an enormous amount of flexibility in structing how the negotiations will occur. After our first meeting with a client, we will have a very good sense of how the negotiations should be structured to ensure that the matter is resolved as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, many lawyers do not offer a flexible approach to how negotiations should occur, which can often increase the time and cost for separating spouses to resolve each of the issues and finalize a Separation Agreement.

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